I always thought I’d see you again

The old James Taylor song Fire & Rain just jolted that grief part of my gut. You know that place of utter hurt & despair of that loved one we know we’ll never see again, at least not this side of heaven. If you believe in that sort of thing.
But what about those people we just naturally think we’ll see again?Our people, friends, neighbors? The ones we do life with. The very ones we take their presence here for granted.
Even when I knew my dear brother Jerry was sick, and I left Hawaii with my sister to fly home we didn’t say goodbye. We couldn’t! We always thought we’d see him again. Sadly, we didn’t.
Then my Daddy living ten years after a brain jury. I never once thought of my visits to him as possibly the last one. I couldn’t. Then one day while in Atlanta I got the call from Mama that Daddy had passed on. Why was I so shocked? I drove eight agonizing and amazing hours home saying goodbye in the most ethereal way imagined. He was with me all the way.
We never want to think of our times with loved ones as possibly the last time. It’s too painful. But what if we did? How would it change our interactions with them? Our patience & kindness in general? May all our last times be the best times.
And if like me, you do believe in heaven then the best times are yet to come.
“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” ~2Corinthians 4:18

Love & Blessings!


3 thoughts on “I always thought I’d see you again”

  1. Donna, I just followed your blog. Again. (officially, I think, this time) –I thought I did it before, but I just checked the message you sent me some time ago in an email and it appears that I didn’t do my “follow” correctly. So I just put my email address in what looks like the appropriate place, and hopefully I’ll get the more forthcomings entries you add to your blog. I’ve always loved “Fire and Rain” and it is one that brings Jerry to my mind. Maybe because we must have listened to James Taylor together, all those years ago, and maybe because of that line in the lyrics. Maybe because he could very well have been there with his camera when he took photos for our high school yearbook when I sang that very same “Fire and Rain” at some sports banquet for PCHS. Your dad must have been just the best dad to be the father to 2 wonderful friends I am fortunate enough to have spent time with…and your mom must be just the best too. I love you, Donna. Thanks for reminding me of some cherished memories.


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