A True Friend Loves at all Times

 There are times in life when I’ve felt under prayed & overwhelmed. Usually in that order. What amazes me is that when I’m confused about life and the why’s of the things that happen. Loved ones that become ill, jobs change, money gets tight, whatever the ‘it’ is….Friends are there. Maybe not immediately, but I’m lucky enough that I can make a call or send a text & I have friends that will be there for me. No judgement, just to listen & even make me laugh! Then another to share love stories that begin unexpectedly when she has been in a loveless relationship.

My husband who is the best friend I could ever hope for, who has truly seen the good, the bad and the ugly in my life and still loves me anyway! 

Then there’s my sister that’s absolutely always there no matter what, even as she herself has many concerns of her own. Her love, friendship and unconditional love has anchored me for most of my life. 

My children are my friends now that they’re adults themselves. My employer Is my friend, a really good friend! This is a unique and special gift for anyone who is lucky enough to work with and for someone they love, like & respect.

Last but certainly not least, my mother is my friend and I cherish her & the ways she has taught me about friendship. There are many, but one that I think of often is, “You have to be a good friend to have them.”

Friendship is a saving grace in my life. I’m so grateful to be blessed with truly good & faithful friends. 

I aspire to be the kind friend that so many are to me. Friendship is a gift I celebrate today. 

~Every good & perfect gift comes from above…James 1:17

~A friend loves at all times…Proverbs 17:17  
 Love to you all!